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Lisa Scheer, of Mentor, has a big goal for the contest - to get off her diabetes medicine. The 54-year-old will be working out hard in hopes of getting back into size-12 clothes.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hard Work Pays Well...Just Not in Cash Money

I didn't think it would be possible. I knew my size 12 jeans were getting big, especially in the "where the sun don't shine" area.  So several weeks ago I exchanged a size 12 never worn jeans from Old Navy for a size 10. The "Skinny Diva" jeans.  I tried them on last night and they fit.
They. Fit. Perfect.
I posted to my FB page. I called my mom and my BF. I text to my trainer; Drake.
I would have shot off fireworks but I didn't want to spend the night in jail. LOL.
I haven't stepped on the scale in about one week. I know I am losing something and inches are melting away.
All I can say is it can be done.



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