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Lisa Scheer, of Mentor, has a big goal for the contest - to get off her diabetes medicine. The 54-year-old will be working out hard in hopes of getting back into size-12 clothes.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Does this taste good?

I'm still pretty congested with the sinus infection and now it has decided to relocate to my chest. I have a family obligation at one  today and after I'm finished I will be visiting the Cleveland Clinic Urgent Care.  Last month I spent ten days on Bactrim for the same situation. This is not good. I can barely function at work and at the gym. My energy level stinks and worst of all all food products taste terrible. Maybe that's a good omen, I'll lose more weight!

OTOH, being sick is not a healthy way to lose weight. Now where's my chicken soup?


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