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Lisa Scheer, of Mentor, has a big goal for the contest - to get off her diabetes medicine. The 54-year-old will be working out hard in hopes of getting back into size-12 clothes.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eight more days!

I can't believe the contest is over in eight more days. I started on this journey six months ago...has it been that long? Counting calories, weighing food portions,  working out,  being trained by Drake at Snap, swimming at the YMCA, boot camp at Slim-n-Fit, meeting new people...answering questions about what I am doing and why....

All in all, I have become a better cook and consumer. I read every label and it's totally amazing what companies do to process food. I haven't lost my!  I season most of my food; especially cocktail sauce with horseradish.  Actually I make my own cocktail sauce from scratch without sugar. Kale is not a four letter word.

Hopefully when I step on the scale on the 28th of July I will have reached my goal of a fifty pound weight loss...I am hoping. I make no promises as the scale isn't moving.  But I am not to worry as I am toning up and building muscle. Co-workers who haven't seen me in a month can't believe the transformation.  My parents are beaming with joy and my BF is thrilled. I am smaller than at age eighteen. Type Two diabetes and high blood pressure are gone which was my main goal. My knee no longer aches.

I really need new clothes.  I'd be a great contestant on "What Not To Wear"!  My wardrobe consists of baggy t-shirts and capris. I have nothing for the Fall or Winter except shoes and boots; which have become "roomy".  I think I maybe down to a size eight now in pants as my tens are pretty baggy.  My tummy is finally becoming flat; although not a six-pack...wishful thinking.



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